Task Navigator

The organizational development tool which helps to verify whether employees accomplish proper tasks with the expected efficiency.

V-1 Updates the scope of employees’ tasks
V-1 Moderates the task-completion evaluation with 360-degree performance evaluation method
V-1 Optimizes effectiveness of the work of individuals and teams

Task Navigator™ employs fully automated processes enabling effective human resources and task management. It helps to achieve optimal time and energy distribution in teams and the organization itself in order to meet its current needs.

Task Navigator™ directs and moderates information flow in working teams in a way which allows for precise and comprehensive feedback.

Advisio Contextual Scale®

Devised, designed and created by Advisio, the Contextual Scale® offers a groundbreaking qualitative approach for instant business relevance. It provides a platform for communication that assures a consistent supply of clear, precise, actionable feedback.

The Advisio Contextual Scale® makes sure that the focus remains on the most important objective of the every organizational diagnosis: determining the level of compatibility of the diagnosed variable (employee’s performance, competences or the company’s climate) to specific organizational needs.


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Deployment and use of Task Navigator™ tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Poland.


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