Competence Navigator

The organizational development tool verifying competence level in the most effective way.

v-blue Moderates the 360-degree competence evaluation diagnosis.
v-blue Evaluates how well the competences are serving the company
v-blue Deploys effective individual competence-based coaching

Designed in line with up-to-date views on competence in the workplace it excels at making diagnostic results practical. It reveals critical competence gaps, spotlights good matches and areas where employees’ competences already surpassed needs.

Advisio Contextual Scale®

Created by Advisio, the
Contextual Scale® focuses on the most important business objective of the diagnosis: determining the level of compatibility of an employee’s competences to specific organizational needs.


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Competence Navigator™



Deployment and use of the Competence Navigator™
tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Poland.


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