Talent Hunter

The organizational development tool supporting internal recruitment processes in an organization.

v-blue Analyzes recruitment expectations
v-blue Creates competence and task-based job descriptions
v-blue Helps to specify what sort of employees are required in the organization

Talent Hunter™, which uses the 360-degree evaluation, examines the needs and expectations of all those, who will cooperate with the recruited candidate in the future, and those, who will benefit from the outcome of their work. On the basis of the collected answers the tool helps to create a precise detailed task and competence matrix for each position that is to be filled.

Expectations Report

A unique feature of the Talent Hunter™ tool is a detailed expectations report presenting all the opinions and comments collected during the process. This report can be a key point of reference in the discussion summarizing the trial period of employment and later the decisions concerning continuation of employment.


Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Talent Hunter™ tool.



Deployment and use of the Talent Hunter™
tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Poland.


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