Advisio metodhology support organizations since 2010

Organizations exist in order
to achieve envisaged goals.

In order to achieve these goals, they require the skills and commitment of human resources.

Go over the ways in which your organization may benefit from our services:



Engage your employees in strategic dialogue and effective goal achievement.


Task Navigator

Check whether your employees fulfill their tasks properly and with expected effectiveness.


Competence Navigator

Verify your employees’ competence level in a way which is most effective for your organization.


Star Tracks

Identify talents and potential leaders in your organization.


Talent Hunter

Specify what sort of employees is needed in your organization.


Delight Index

Learn about your organization from your employees’ point of view.


Insightful Profiler

Estimate candidate`s potential for job, promotion or succession.

Advisio Methodology


Advisio methodology and tools provide assistance for organizational development by means of diagnosing the fields which require support or development and eliminating ineffective processes. They help in the process of building career paths and managing talents in a company.

Each tool provided by Advisio Poland is presented with the use of innovative Advisio Contextual Scale protected by patent according to Polish IP Law.

Advisio Certified Consultants:

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