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Advisio Poland and Values Team invite you to a unique event - participation in the only consulting school in Poland called InnerMastering®(I'M) Consultant.

Each graduate of the school receives several certifications within the selected level, including certification in Advisio Poland's development tools - Competence Navigator, Delight Index, Star Tracks, Task Navigator, and Synergy.

If you are interested in completing a certification led by dr Paweł Smółka of the Insightful Profiler™ psychometric tool (iP121), please click here.

More information about the consulting school and dates can be found on the Values Team page here.

Consulting school InnerMastering®(I’M) The consultant is a series of training, classes, and lectures arranged in a comprehensive program, recommended by international industry organizations.

The course is based on the concept and program framework created by Advisio and Values Team. The program is based on a holistic, systematic approach and method.

InnerMastering® course (I’M) The Consultant is part of a larger development system. Pathways can be implemented separately or in a systematic approach. This means that each Trainee is treated individually and systemically at the same time. The first level of training is focused on the functioning of the consultant, its resources, and prepares for individual work with the client.

NOTE: You can choose to participate in the whole level consisting of 12 days and obtain 4 certificates or you can apply for only 3 days during which the certification of the selected Advisio Poland tool is carried out.

The nearest dates of open certification trainings will be announced soon.

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We invite you to participate in Insightful Profiler™ (iP121) - Professional Personality Profiling certification training. The training is conducted by Ph.D. Paweł Smółka - the designer of the diagnostic system. Learn about the advanced psychometric tool and its broad capabilities directly from its developer!

The training lasts one day. It is conducted in an open mode (on fixed dates - see below for upcoming dates) or on request; in the case of an individual order, it is available immediately (completion date negotiated individually).

The training prepares for independent implementation of research and interpretation of its results in the context of recruitment (selection) and support of employee development or career counseling.

We invite HR specialists and consultants in the area of recruitment (selection) or employee development support, business coaches and trainers, as well as personal and professional advisors to participate in the training. It is advisable to have at least two years of professional experience in one of the above-mentioned roles. A degree in psychology is not necessary.

Closest dates for open certification training for Insightful Profiler™ (iP121) ) – Profiling of Personality:

24 September (Thursday) 2020

26 November (Thursday) 2020

Closed training is also available (on individual order) in the stationary or on-line version.

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