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The Insightful Profiler™ solution (iP121) in numbers


Standard report versions: iP Recruiter, iP Manager, iP Coach, iP Pro


diagnosed functional areas


the predispositions (called factors) measured


diagnostic categories used to accurately describe potential

he Insightful Profiler™ (iP121) solution allows you to comprehensively and comprehensively describe a candidate's potential for employment, promotion, or succession in the diagnostic categories of greatest functional (practical) importance to effective workforce management.

In standard version (iP Coach report) diagnoses five key functional areas, namely:

What (de)motivates a person?

What competencies does he or she have a particular aptitude for developing?

What personal risks, if any, does he or she bring to the company or to the new position?

What definitely stands out from the other candidates?

What team roles are predisposed to?

Authorization to use the Insightful Profiler™ (iP121) tool only consultants certified by Advisio Poland are authorized to use the tool.