Advisio methodology enables you to support the development of the organization by diagnosing areas that require support and the elimination or improvement of ineffective processes. It supports building effectiveness of an organization, based primarily on its potential. Advisio's tools perfectly complement management processes, showing a full picture of the organization and supporting the undertaking of actions aimed at a specific business goal.

The Advisio™ Context Scale allows for completely subjective, context-dependent feedback. By taking into account the subjective assessment, the speaker automatically determines the level of expectations/needs desired from his or her point of view. Thanks to this procedure, the Advisio™ Context Scale of Advisio™ simultaneously:

collects information about subjective evaluation,

collects information on what standards are desirable in a given context,

builds the dialogue character of the study, of participated persons in the study refer to their needs in relation with another person/organisation.

Each level on the scale is assigned deepening questions to arouse reflection and deepen the information obtained.

The Advisio methodology, through its formula based on asking the right questions and inducing reflection and feedback, is a kind of online micro-coaching for any number of target groups in the organization.