Three days ago we completed online certification for the Insightful ProfilerTM tool (iP121).

Ms. Marta Pomorska from MaPoMo Trainings and Ms. Aneta Dreksler from Warsaw University of Technology Career Services will join Advisio Poland as certified consultants.

The workshop was led by the designer of the Insightful ProfilerTM (iP121) diagnostic system - Paweł Smółka, Ph.D.

Insightful ProfilerTM (iP121) : -describes accurately a candidate's potential for a job, promotion, or succession, -assesses the extent to which the potential matches the requirements of the position and the employer's expectations, -Designs an individualized development plan for the employee.

Each of our certification training prepares you to independently conduct research and interpret its results in the context of recruitment (selection) and employee development support or career counseling.

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