In the first half of 2019, Advisio Poland plans to launch a new version of the Insightful Profiler™ iP121 psychometric tool.

Based on our experience in cooperation with our certified partners and Customers, we made a decision to create a completely new version of our proprietary psychometric tool Insightful Profiler iP121.

Our main goal connected with introducing the new version is introducing on the Polish and international market standardized diagnostic tool with the analytical and reporting module in order to support personnel decisions.

Particular emphasis in the new solution will be placed on developing a reporting system in the area of building international team projects, based on data analysis and empirical profiling using artificial intelligence.

Here are some key planned new features and changes:

  • completely revamped Administrator and Participant Interface
  • introduction of an English version of the system with a new psychometric questionnaire INTL76
  • improved and modified content in development reports
  • A module for comparing the results of synopsis of several people at the same time.
  • a module for comparing the synopsis results of teams
  • an analytical and reporting module presenting an analysis of results from a given organisation or a designated group of people

We will keep you informed about the details related to the introduction of the system.